This is a list of resources for those who want to know more about why we support the Nordic Model.

Coalition against Trafficking in Women: CATW is a chief promoter of the Nordic Model, the world’s first human rights based legal approach to ending human trafficking. It is the world’s first law to recognize prostitution as violence against women and a violation of human rights. It criminalizes the purchase of commercial sex and offers the exploited an exit strategy. The Nordic Model originated in Sweden (1999), and has been passed in the Republic of Korea (South Korea, 2004), Norway (2009), and Iceland (2009).

End Demand:  We are calling on the UK government to end demand for sex trafficking and exploitation through prostitution by adopting the Sex Buyer Law. 

Resistenza Feminista: is a group of feminist activists coming from different parts of Italy, of different ages and backgrounds. We share the same political views regarding the way of ending discrimination and exploitation of women and girls in the world. We have chosen to focus our political action on the fight against trafficking, the system of prostitution and the sex industry because we believe that as feminists we cannot understand gender imbalances and discrimination if we do not consider prostitution as the first root of our oppression.

Our political agenda is rooted in the recognition of the importance of the interconnection between gender, race and class. Trafficked women are women taken by force from their poor lands to serve the rich colonialist men. The patriarchal language of neoliberalism is using the expression “migrant sex workers” to describe poor women forced into an inhumane system of exploitation. We refuse this insulting language and we strongly support survivor’s voices which are silenced by mainstream media and politicians who perpetuate myths and stereotypes to defend the status quo.

Ressources Prostitution

Space International:  SPACE stands for ‘Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment’. We call for enlightenment because before we can expect social change, prostitution must be recognised for the abuse that it is. SPACE is committed both to raising the public’s consciousness of the harm of prostitution and to lobbying governments to do something about it.