Amnesty Luxembourg opposed decriminalising sex trade

Luxembourg’s chapter of human rights group Amnesty International voted against a resolution to decriminalise prostitution, calling for further research, it has emerged.

The global forum of the human rights group voted this week on the controversial stance, with the majority of the 400 delegates from 70 countries voting in favour of the policy, at a meeting in Dublin.

Amnesty International says the move will protest the human rights of sex workers, but the Luxembourg group says this might not necessarily be the case.

“Amnesty International Luxembourg wanted to have more time to study the latest research prior to the adoption of this resolution, in particular studies concerning the ‘Nordic model’.

“It was because of this that our delegation had asked for the vote,” the group said in a press statement, adding: “Our request was rejected by a slight majority, we had no choice but to vote against the resolution.”

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