Full Sex Industry Decriminalisation Puts Women’s Rights Last by Janie Davies

Prostitution is in the spotlight since Amnesty International joined a number of large organisations in recommending decriminalisation of all aspects of the sex industry. 

That’s not the Nordic model, which reduces demand by decriminalising only the sale of sex and promoting supported exit plans. Full decriminalisation would allow pimps and johns to proceed with their exploitation and abuse of women and girls, with a stamp of human rights compliance.

Full decriminalisation is defeatist, at best.

Our society is trying to normalise a concept of safe, happy “sex workers.” I don’t buy it and neither should you.

A study by Prostitution Research & Education shows that an estimated 89% of women in prostitution want to exit, that more than 70% have been assaulted and more than half have been raped.

It is estimated that the average age of those recruited into prostitution is 13-14 years old.

Still, Amnesty International’s policy has enthusiastic support from those who claim it would benefit prostituted women, protecting them from abuse by enabling regulation.

Instead, decriminalisation would empower the abusers. Research also shows that where decriminalisation takes place, trafficking rises.


You can read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post UK

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