Numbers don’t lie : Amnesty International promotes the killing of women

Dear Amnesty International,

After months and months of calling you, begging you to listen to prostitution survivors, front line NGOs, scholars & researchers, abolitionists organizations ; on August 11th, 2015, you decided to ignore decades of research and evidence exposing the harm of prostitution and the $ex industry by supporting and promoting the decriminalization of all aspects of prostitution.

As it has been demonstrated over and over, the decriminalization of prostitution literally KILLS women, the decriminalization of prostitution is a FAILURE and a disaster for human rights (but women aren’t human, right ?)

Here below are the numbers in Germany, the « paradise » you are now advocating for, like any other pimp lobby :

Their blood is on your hands.


Yours truly

Collectif Ressources Prostitution

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