Persons Against Non-State Torture

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Persons Against Non-State Torture will continue to promote the knowledge that women and girls suffer acts of sexualized torture in prostitution and in other forms of sexualized exploitation perpetrated against them and this must end.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that all peoples have a right to be protected from torture regardless of who the torturers are. Today the women and men of Amnesty International ignored this fundamental human right when they lifted their glasses in a celebratory toast for voting to support prostitution as work.

Global knowledge informs that the prostitution of women and girls promotes a global environment of organized crime, criminal groups, human traffickers, pimps, traffickers, johns, and other exploiters.

There can never be human right equality for women and girls when they and their bodies are placed at risk to suffer torture perpetrated by non-State actors in the private sphere. Their human right to be equally protected from torture has just been eliminated by Amnesty International’s position.

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