Swedes reject Amnesty in protest of sex vote

A Swedish member of Amnesty has told The Local why she chose to join hundreds of others in quitting the organization after it voted to endorse the decriminalization of sex work.

Amnesty International’s Sweden wing tried to stop the human rights organization from voting through a resolution to lobby governments to decriminalize sex work earlier this week, but was outvoted by delegates from many of Amnesty’s 69 other branches.

“We are against the demand for a universal decriminalization of all aspects of prostitution, that is, even when it comes to buying sex or of those activities enabling sex purchase, such as brothels,” said Anna Lindenfors, secretary-general of Amnesty in Sweden, in a statement.

“We do not think it is clear that a blanket decriminalization of sex purchases and associated activities lead to reduced human rights violations,” she added.

But a majority of other national branches of Amnesty disgreed with Sweden’s stance. The result of the vote therefore sparked anger among Swedish campaigners with hundreds of members quitting the organization.

Read more at The Local

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