The betrayal of a human rights organization by Suzzan Blac

Today, Amnesty International voted for the global decriminalisation of  ‘Sex work’ because ‘Sex workers’ are marginalised and face constant risk of violence and abuse’. Now I wonder who on earth could possibly exploit, own, sell, rape, violently assault and murder these girls and women?

 It couldn’t be the flesh traders and buyers could it, after all they totally love and respect their merchandise and they would never dream of forcing a girl into that kind of ‘work’ Even though, one of their motto’s is  ‘Why sell drugs once when you can sell one girl thousands of times’  And what of those who ‘choose’ this work? Maybe some do- But our concern is the millions who don’t. Those who are coerced or forced. Those who are desperately poor. Or those who have unresolved PTSD. As any therapist can tell you, there is a strong link between child & adolescent sexual abuse and long term high risk sexual behaviours. Especially present when the victim is substance addicted.

 I, along with many other advocates and sex trafficking victims are mortified, sickened and angry at a ‘Human rights’ movement who are normalising and protecting men’s rights to buy and use girls/woman’s bodies however and  whenever they wish, in order to satisfy their sexual deviancies, power and hatred. Amnesty states that ‘Sex workers’ will be safer and that it will lessen sex trafficking. Really? I think they have listened to a lot of pimp talk, because even in countries where it is legal like Germany. Girls and women are suffering from their abusive clients and being trafficked within legal brothels. And are you really that naïve to think that the pimps and brothel owners will treat their ‘workers’ with dignity and respect. And that they will not provide young girls..When the demand for young girls is escalating beyond measure, in countries whether it’s legal,illegal, decriminalised or not. It does not matter to the flesh traders, because they are only interested in PROFITS. Ask yourselves this- Who else would profit, if ‘sex work’ was decriminalised.

Read more here.

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