Collectif d’Aide aux Femmes Exploitées Sexuellement – CAFES

« We have believed in your will to make this world a better, fairer world, a world that respects and promotes the rights of all human beings, not just those of men. You have disappointed many men, as well as a great number of women. We are shocked to realize that you are defending, subtly and hypocritically, the “rights” of pimps and exploiters, accepting thereby the selling and marketing of vulnerable women and children.

Large sums of money received by some sex trade advocates suggest that you are endorsing this trade for the same reason they are, money. Money trumping human rights. Is this really the case? Have you really fallen this low? The policy you have adopted regarding prostitution raises serious doubts about your true ambitions, motivations and values.

What are we to make of your support for and wish to fully decriminalize a prostitution that is as profitable as it is murderous, from our position of having nearly been swallowed by this industry, and of living daily with the sequelae that its violence and trauma left in us? What should we think of you who ignore our words and the existence of those of us who are silenced because of the very violence of this industry? To ignore us and to disregard the studies and meta-studies that clearly demonstrate how the rights of many women and children are violated in prostitution is a severe mistake on your part. In endorsing prostitution, you have lost all credibility.

You can read the rest of the post at Collectif d’Aide aux Femmes Exploitées Sexuellement. The English version is available here.

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