Amnesty prostitution ruling is heartless by Heather Mallick

Amnesty International, much loved and greatly respected, has just met in Dublin and rendered a decision on prostitution. I assumed an ancient cruelty had been packed in its grave by the council of the noblest of human rights thinkers.

But no. Amnesty backed decriminalization, meaning it okayed the selling and buying of sex. It’s the last bit that has people annoyed. Rather than just defending the human rights of (mostly) women who sell their bodies, Amnesty backed (mostly) male buyers and pimps, which seems to defeat their purpose.

The decision, which opposes the so-called Nordic Model slowly being adopted Europe-wide — this model criminalizes buyers rather than sellers — is peculiar and heartless. Many Amnesty supporters, from film stars to feminists to prostitutes, are reeling.

But the thinking behind it is instructive. It’s the same self-destructive strategy that made two #BlackLivesMatter advocates disrupt a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders— not Donald Trump or Scott Walker — in Seattle recently. They took his microphone and forced the rally to shut down.

Why damage the progressive cause? Why shoot yourself in the foot?

Prostitution is the last frontier of women’s rights, the subject no one wants to discuss because no one cares about, well, whores. In 2014, on the instructions of the Supreme Court which was trying to help the nation’s most abused and despised people, Canada took action and adopted the Nordic Model.

Read more at The Star

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