#FTF: Amnesty International’s convenient amnesia on the colonial roots of sexual exploitation

Today’s Feminist Theory Friday (the last in the series) is perhaps more a matter of history than it is of theory. It is a history we need to center when exploring how prostitution impacts Indigenous women, in particular, and therefore, while addressing the issue of prostitution in general.

With Amnesty International’s decision to support the full decriminalization of prostitution still fresh and warm out the oven of disregard for women’s humanity, it’s worth exploring how the sex industry’s roots took hold in the land we now call Canada.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the radical feminist approach to prostitution has, at its foundation, the understanding that prostitution is a system of exploitation that takes up residence around the intersections of other forms of oppression like sex, race, class, disability, and — as we’ll discuss today  — colonialism.   ….

Read more at Feminist Current

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